(Riflessioni strategiche) Parallel World of Finances (I) (Valentin Katasonov, Strategic Culture Foundation, 13 febbraio 2013)

13.02.2013 05:37

It’s a long time world money lenders see themselves as gods. Like the Creator they have started to create the world of their own out of nothing, making money “coming from air”. So an invisible parallel world has started to take shape along with the financial world that is real and can be seen with your own eyes. 

* * *

The visible financial world – commercial banks, funds, investment companies, central banks, ministries of finances; financial markets (stock exchange, currency, loans, insurance), financial instruments (bonds, shares, derivatives and other treasures) etc. The life in this world is reflected in financial accounts, official statistics, it is under the oversight of financial regulators, parliaments, accounts chambers, media, and experts and so on. The functioning of the visible world goes in accordance with constitutions, laws, international agreements. 

The invisible financial world is something the majority of people have no idea of. The major part of it is the shadow sector of world financial system – financial institutes and financial operations conducted under the cover of off-shores and falling out of the sight of financial regulators (central banks, ministries of finances, security and exchange commissions etc.) . One can only guess how large it is, there is no way to have a clear picture of what it is like because all the activities are conducted beyond any supervision. No books kept, no accounting before state structures exists. The world dwellers are criminal gangs related to drug trafficking, arms trade, slave trade and so on. It’s not even grey sector activities, but rather “black” economy breaching al norms of penal law. According to experts, the turnover is a few trillion dollars a year… Besides, the shadow sector encompasses various structures that do not hide underground. Many of them openly offer various services to individuals and corporations. 

For instance, hedge funds involved in different ventures. Or respectable banks that offer private banking services (investing account holders money in off-shore jurisdictions). They are involved in importune advertising offering services of dubious character. The activities simply fall out of legal and financial oversight, as well as common laws and international norms, they have their own rules to abide by. The last financial crisis was of much greater depth, scale (actually the whole world) and duration due to unrestrained growth of shadow sector (many experts think the crisis is not over, it was just the first “wave”. (i) 

The invisible world is not limited by “shadow” sector only. A part of it may be called clandestine. The clandestine financial world is diversified, no one knows all about it. It’s a mixture of various financial relationships and agreements hidden away from peoples, parliaments, official financial institutions, and international organizations. The secret international agreements are the best example. Some of them have surfaced to public view (for instance, financial accords between the United States, Great Britain and Hitler’s Germany). There are more numerous examples of secret accords between private structures. For instance, traditionally banks have been concluding cartel agreements in flagrant violation of anti-trust laws. It’s enough to remember the 2012 row when it was discovered that the largest banks were in collusion and manipulated LIBOR interest rates. 

Few people are aware of secret deals and agreements. The unwanted witnesses have been gotten rid of without hesitation. The clandestine world has started to come into being a long time ago. It has been influencing global economy and finances, as well as foreign policies of many countries and international relations as a whole. 


One can find a lot of material on secret finances thanks to Internet. By and large, there two major issues the publications bring out. 

The first is “black gold”. It’s yellow metal stored in safes and vaults of some central banks, private global banks and other institutions. The amount of is believed to exceed by far the world official gold reserves; naturally the “black gold” is not accounted for in books, balance sheets and statistics, it’s a strictly clandestine asset. (ii)

The second: mysterious US Treasury and Federal Reserve System bonds dated by the period between two world wars. The astronomic figures make it all even more sensational: the securities face values are measured in hundreds of millions, the overall bonds packages are denominated in trillions of dollars. 

The both issues are very complicated. Monetary authorities, including the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve System never say a word about the events related to the securities and the gold of the invisible financial world. Here is a short list of cases related to the appearance of mysterious bonds with face values of many zeros. 

The first case I know took place ten years ago. The edition of the Independent on October 28 2003 told about it. (iii) British forensic scientist Graham Hawksworth and Canadian (who was a former citizen of Yugoslavia) Michael Slamage tried to falsely authenticate fake US Treasury Bonds dated 1934 in the Royal Bank of Canada in 2001 in Toronto. The both were detained. The investigation showed they were in the possession of $ 2.5 trillion package. The US authorities said the bonds were false. The court proceedings took place in London, the accused spoke. That’s how the “Morgenthau bonds” (iv) story was made public for the first time. They said the bonds were related to the “black gold” received from Chiang Kai-shek of China. (v) The story hardly attracted any attention on the part of world media. 

The second story was the financial smuggling case that began on June 3, 2009 near Chiasso, Switzerland (near the Swiss/Italian border), when Sezione Operativa Territoriale di Chiasso in collaboration with officers of Italian customs/financial military police (Guardia di Finanza) detained two suspects (who appeared to be Japanese nationals) who had attempted to enter Switzerland with a suitcase in their possession with a false bottom containing what at first appeared to be U.S. Treasury Bonds worth $ 134.5 billion. The two possessed 249 U.S. bonds worth $500 million each (among other securities, they also had 10 "Kennedy bonds" denominated at $1 billion each); and the large denominations of the securities, along with accompanying bank documentation was what attracted the Italian police's attention. Large denominations are not available to the general public; only nation-states handle such amounts of money. The story captured public attention. There are a lot of strange things hard to understand here. For instance, the Italians said at first the bonds were real, and then the news came (referring to US sources) that they were fake. The two Japanese finally vanished somewhere without a trace. 

The third case happened in Spain, right after the two Japanese were detained in Chiasso. Unlike the previous case, the information was scarce that time. Spanish authorities confiscated bonds denominated $ 1.64 trillion. Spanish media wrote those were US Federal Reserve System mortgages. 

The fourth time such thing happened was a year ago, it’s the most well-known case. Associated Press was the first to report it on February 1, 2012. $ 6 trillion in counterfeit U.S. bonds was confiscated in a Swiss bank.The name of the bank was not made public. Somehow it was at the request of Italian prosecutors that Swiss authorities seized the bills. Some details appeared later. According to media reports, the bonds were dated 1934 and transported to Italy from Hong Kong in 2007. Media used different terms to define the securities: “American bonds”, “US Treasury bonds”, “US Federal reserve System bonds”, “treasury notes”. One more difference to note: the difference in denomination was within the $100 million to $1 billion limit. The US said resolutely the finding was just a bunch of fakes. 

All the cases mentioned above can be added by information concerning the appearance of the “black gold” and its reserves at present, as well as US officials delicate interest in “false bonds”. US special services (especially the CIA) searched for holders of before the war bonds to seize the securities. Almost ten years ago, on October 31, 2003, Carol Adler, the president of Dandelion Books, posted a press-release on Rense.com, saying she had a contact with a CIA insider, who told her about the “occult economy” and operations with the mission to find and seize the bonds. (vi) 

Let’s try to make head or tail of it in the strong current of muddy waters and see if official statements of US authorities saying the bonds with multiple zeros were fakes could be trusted.

(To be continued)

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