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A narrative of global complexity





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Some Goals for Timor-Leste’s New Prime Minister (Joshua Kurlantzick, Council on Foreign Relations)

11.03.2015 16:22

Nigerian First Lady on the Campaign Trail (John Campbell, Council on Foreign Relations)

11.03.2015 16:14

Guest Post: Is the Sony Hack the Dawn of Cyber Deterrence? (Council on Foreign Relations)

11.03.2015 16:05

The Regulatory Reform Debate Needs a Wider Lens (Rebecca Strauss, Council on Foreign Relations)

11.03.2015 15:51

From paper state to caliphate: The ideology of the Islamic State (Cole Bunzel, Brookings)

11.03.2015 15:14

At Chinese ‘State of the Union,’ key technology policies underline innovation goals (Brookings)

11.03.2015 15:10

Using mobile technology to improve maternal health and fight Ebola: A case study of mobile innovation in Nigeria (Brookings)

11.03.2015 15:07

Getting millions to learn: An education revolution in rural communities of Central and South America (Brookings)

11.03.2015 15:04

Looking up, seeing ceilings: MAGNET’s approach to innovation for small to mid-sized manufacturers (Brookings)

11.03.2015 14:59

Identity and inclusion: When do digital identities help the poor? (Ignacio Mas, David Porteous, Brookings)

11.03.2015 14:53
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